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Datacasting on Display During 4th of July Celebrations in National Mall

Datacasting on Display During 4th of July Celebrations in National Mall

During the 2022 July 4th celebrations on the National Mall in D.C., SpectraRep was behind the scenes delivering on a datacasting pilot to deliver video, alerts, and file sharing with D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management and six other federal and local public safety agencies.

The goal was to help strengthen emergency communications and inter-agency sharing and to test the benefits of datacasting with NextGen broadcasting. 

The results were positive. Here are some top takeaways.

During the pilot, SpectraRep’s IncidentOne datacasting solution utilized NextGen TV digital broadcast spectrum from the WIAV tower in Northwest DC. With the solution in play, multiple agencies were able to successfully share and receive encrypted video over the television broadcast while avoiding the network slowdowns of other communications networks.

Select agencies were also able to transmit secure alert messages and attach files. Additionally, SpectraRep’s datacasting solution reached command staff and decision makers across agencies without requiring access to or interconnection between individual agency secure networks. Overall, SpectraRep’s datacasting solution provided capabilities that are additive to existing communications systems.

One of the SWICs engaged with the pilot, Charlie Guddemi at DC HSEMA, offered his opinion about the July 4th pilot, stating, “We observed success with streaming encrypted video over the datacast signal, and then could successfully target and send that video to other agencies. We also confirmed the ability to send alerts and files to the authorized participating agencies.”

Read more specifics about the pilot in publicly released findings and a case study here.

IncidentOne Deployments in Your State

Advances in broadcast television technology are enabling datacasting to act as a secure, targeted, overlay network that’s reliable when other systems grind to a halt. Datacasting creates an additional secure wireless, one-to-many, over-the-air network that has no dependencies on any other wireless network.

IncidentOne can be deployed in your state to help your emergency responders improve how they deal with bad weather incidents, incidents at large crowd gatherings, wildfires, and other public events, and to share aerial communications from helicopters.

To learn more about datacasting, email us to set up a convenient time for an online demonstration.