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How SpectraRep Datacasting Works


How it works, who it helps, how to get started

Solving the shortcomings of today’s current communication solutions, SpectraRep’s datacasting technology converts a portion of readily available TV broadcast signals into a one-way transmission of content in a fast, reliable, secure manner.

Around the country, datacasting technology is increasing the reach of public safety communications and reliably delivering educational content to students who do not have access to the internet.

Now, our datacasting technology is available through ATSC 3.0, improving reception and performance.

We are working with law enforcement, emergency managers, school systems and states around the country to implement powerful solutions for public safety and education. Read all about it below.

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Emergency personnel and managers use SpectraRep’s datacasting (IncidentOne™) to send and receive video, notifications, and alerts quickly, safely, and securely.

A content management dashboard manages the encrypted content and controls who can receive content. Recipients can securely use or share data with fellow officers.

Services include:

  • Video ingestion and delivery.
  • Mobile app for the streaming of live video from the field into its dashboard.
  • Dynamic content management of video, large files, and audio content.

Statewide networks are deployed in several states including:

  • Houston Police
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • Drone video service in Washington state
  • Washington, D.C. Park Police where SpectraRep datacasting is used to protect attendees at July 4th celebrations

SpectraRep’s datacasting technology also can be leveraged to enhance a state’s FirstNet plan.

Videos Available on YouTube

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Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, SpectraRep datacasting was quickly deployed to support educational continuity for students by delivering classwork directly.

Now, with students and teachers back in the classroom, datacasting helps narrow the digital divide for students that don’t have broadband access.

SpectraRep’s EduCast™ has built out remote learning solutions in New Mexico, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, and South Dakota – with more on the way.

Working closely with educators, SpectraRep has developed applications that integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Google Classroom and Canvas to ensure that teachers do not need to add any new workflows.

With datacasting, students can access their teachers’ assignments, learning resources to study, do their homework, and prepare for tests.

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