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Datacasting for Education

Overcoming Broadband Inequity

The effect of the pandemic on education was extreme, highlighting a digital divide for many of America’s children. SpectraRep’s EduCast™ solution is delivering an effective solution to realize broadband equity.

EduCast is an educational datacasting solution that uses public television signals to deliver classroom content to students that do not have viable internet access at home. Datacasting content is accessed in the home using a laptop or tablet. Teachers and school districts share the same content to all of their students, regardless of their Internet access at home.

Our EduCast solution is touching thousands of students across the nation. As we continue to deploy the technology, it’s inspiring to see how EduCast is leveling the educational playing field.

– Mark O’Brien, SpectraRep CEO.

Datacasting and the Pandemic

When the pandemic struck in early 2020, SpectraRep was the first solution provider to extend datacasting technology to support virtual learning efficiently and effectively.

Now, we are focused on using datacasting to address a serious challenge within our education system: students without access to broadband.

As school systems rely heavily on online applications year-round for homework, summer school, remedial work, and weather events – the need to access educational materials online is essential. However, without access to broadband, millions of children continue to fall dramatically behind in learning. It’s often referred to as the #broadbandequity and #homeworkgap.

EduCast Delivers a Solution for Broadband Equity

EduCast works by turning a portion of public television spectrum into a wireless network that delivers educational content and videos over-the-air in a safe, secure manner.

The technology uses an inexpensive receiver and TV antenna to let students and teachers access any type of instructional content and educational resources that would normally require direct access to the internet.

EduCast bridges the gap between the classroom and full broadband in places or situations where that connectivity is not feasible.

What EduCast Looks Like for Teachers and Students

EduCast is built on SpectraRep’s proven, secure datacasting technology to help provide instructional content to students without internet access.

For TEACHERS: EduCast provides the ability to broadcast instructional content directly from their computer to a student’s Chromebook or tablet. Educast is integrated with leading LMS systems – Google Classroom, Canvas – so busy teachers can set up datacasting with no added work.

For STUDENTS: EduCast provides at-home access to instructional materials through reliable and redundant broadcast transmissions without needing an internet connection.  Once students are set up with a SpectraRep receiver, a quality antenna, and a PC, laptop, or tablet, they can access school files through the cloud-based EduCast platform.

Benefits of EduCast

SpectraRep is the known leader for secure, reliable datacasting solutions. Our EduCast solution delivers a powerful solution for education for three main reasons:

  1. Datacasting is a low-cost, long-term sustainable technology to push content to teachers and students over a wide area.
  2. Datacasting overcomes issues of broadband inequity by providing a solution that is readily available and adoptable.
  3. Datacasting is a proven technology that’s been available for decades, and has proven reliable to first responders, and now educators.

With EduCast, students and teachers can engage in meaningful educational interactions that are safe.

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